Radio Europe 1 : The greatest French inventions : « GPS-free geopositioning, by Sysnav »
Every morning on radio Europe 1, Anicet Mbida unveils the most disruptive inventions. Regarding geopositioning, the young French company Sysnav has made a revolutionary step forward, as its technology can do without GPS ! Some innovations really change the situation. As such, the future of geolocation seems to be underway at Sysnav, in France near Paris.
European Business Awards : Sysnav named as a National champion for France !
Sysnav has just been named as a National Champion for France in The European Business Awards; a prestigious competition supported by the UK Trade & Investments, but also by businesses leaders, academics, media and political representatives from across Europe.
The French Investments Bank and Sysnav are teaming together to ride the 19th stage of the ‘Tour de France’ !
To move forward together, we need to share the same values ​​... So we immediately accepted with enthusiasm (albeit apprehensive !) the invitation of BPI France (French Bank for Investments) who wanted to set up a special team with some innovative SMEs, to participate together in the Etape du Tour de France. A big thank you to BPI for this great initiative (although we should wait for the end of the stage before thanking anyone... ) . After winning the Raid Centrale Adventure Race earlier this year and the Paris night-Orientering race, Sysnav team is enrolling on an even new challenge.
Innovation Review : « Autonomous vehicle, towards new alliances… and inertial implementation ». Focus on the ongoing developments at the Sysnav Lab.
Partnership between Valeo and Safran on inertial systems. The autonomous vehicle yields to new entrepreneurial dynamics. Some disruptive R&D developments are also underway to bring this technology to more markets and for light applications, for instance at the Sysnav Lab. This promising French startup is implementing an innovative 'magneto-inertial technology merging inertial data from affordable inertials sensors (MEMS) and magnetometers."
M.Vissiere, CEO of Sysnav, was interviewed by GPS Business News
Interview of M.Vissiere by GPS Business News
Sysnav at the panel discussion with the President on the future of the space industry
Sysnav was chosen to represent the high-tech SMEs of Normandy at the panel discussion on the future of the space industry with French President Nicolas Sarkozy.
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