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Developing effective treatments for neuromuscular and neurological disorders comes with its share of difficulties. One major hurdle is getting clear results within specific trial guidelines. Additionally, finding reliable tests that consistently provide clear results remains a challenge.


Traditional clinical tests, conceived decades or even centuries ago, have many limitations. They only work within set timeframes and controlled environments, often failing to measure treatment effectiveness accurately. Additionally, they might not accurately represent what patients can do because they don’t consider short-term variations like fatigue, motivation, or context.


Modern and validated technology holds the promise of providing precise and robust clinical assessments through continuous real-life patient monitoring.




At SYSNAV Healthcare, we have developed a unique sensor technology designed to measure patients’ motor function in their daily lives. The Syde technology transforms sensor data into meaningful insights and regulatory accepted endpoints.


With the Syde platform, we can create endpoints that are not just precise but also meaningful and representative – aligning perfectly with the rigorous demands of clinical trials. These endpoints offer objectivity, reliability, sensitivity to change, and above all, clinical relevance.


Thanks to magneto-inertial technology and an array of sensors, Syde excels in high-precision, continuous real-life data collection. This technology allows us to reconstruct patient movements in 3D, opening up a world of possibilities for clinical outcome assessments. Importantly, these assessments can be achieved with fewer patients, streamlining the research process.



In the future, they may play a key role in aiding diagnosis, categorizing patients, tracking treatment effectiveness, and providing evidence for medical recommendations, thereby enabling personalized healthcare for patients.


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A safe and controlled wearable device

A safe and controlled wearable Digital Health Technology


SYSNAV Healthcare – A trusted partner

At SYSNAV Healthcare, we have established partnerships with a diverse network of experts in the realm of neuromuscular and neurological disorders. Through these collective initiatives, we develop effective tools aimed at establishing real-world evidence as a cornerstone of modern medical practices.


Our partnership with Roche is aimed at setting industry benchmarks for measuring conditions related to movement impairments and designing the next generation of wearable technology.


SYSNAV Healthcare is also a proud member of the Digital Medicine Society, the first organization that brings together experts from various fields to advance the safe, effective, equitable, and ethical use of digital medicine for the optimization of human health.


In 2023, Along with the Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) Community, we achieved a significant milestone as the European Medicines Agency (EMA) officially validated SV95C (Stride Velocity 95th Centile) as a primary endpoint for superiority studies. This validation offers a valuable alternative to the 6 Minute Walk Test (6MWT) for evaluating ambulant DMD patients.


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