SYSNAV is a fast-growing French SME that designs and develops innovative navigation, positioning, geolocation and motion capture solutions for GPS-denied and complex environments, with no need for GPS or any other positioning infrastructure.


Our ability to innovate: SYSNAV knows how to engineer specific geolocation or motion capture solutions using the various magneto-inertial technologies patented by SYSNAV to answer important market opportunities.


Our ability to industrialize: SYSNAV knows how to deploy packaged solutions for industrial and governmental organizations which by the nature of their business need precise, reliable and always available positioning information.


Our ability to manage projects: SYSNAV knows how to support its customers in their implementation of SYSNAV solutions for the industrial, medical, government or military sectors by deploying project or program management resources and helping them interface these solutions in their information systems.


SYSNAV Solutions are revolutionizing the navigation and localization sector by providing an operational response to the usual deficiencies of GPS such as:

  • Signal degradation
  • Loss of signal availability and location information
  • Sensitivity to interference and jamming
  • Lack of precision
  • Unavailability in covered areas

without any constraints stemming from beacon and other technologies such as installation cost, the need for prior knowledge of the site, etc.


Based on a new generation “magneto-inertial” technology, SYSNAV’s solutions are awarded nationally and internationally as a substitute or complement to GPS.