Strengthening safety of first responders via indoor tracking

First responders are all the services likely to intervene and provide assistance in the event of an emergency. These include firefighters, law enforcement, medical assistance or specialized rescue (CBRN, mine clearance, rescue in dangerous environments etc.).

Being able to locate each first responder in real time is one of the 10 capability needs identified by IFAFRI (International Forum to Advance First Responder Innovation).

Providing reliable geolocation to first responders is one of SYSNAV’s priorities.


The lack of GPS signals

Inside buildings or underground, the GPS signal is not available. And near buildings, GPS is disturbed and provides erroneous positions.

However, the conduct of intrinsically risky operations requires the ability to locate first responders at any time, to rescue or assist them as soon as possible if necessary.


What is at stake for first responders

  • Safety: geolocation is  key for the safety of firefighters engaged in intervention.
  • Efficiency: knowing where each firefighter is at any time brings operational efficiency, whether in fire intervention or long-term explorations, as well as for training.


The SYSNAV solution


Our Personal Location technology provides the following features for first responders:

  • Follow in real time the crew inside buildings, underground networks or in any other GPS-blind areas.
  • Man-down alerts and navigation toward to the pair in difficulty
  • Geotagging of information of interest collected
  • Replay of itineraries in training and during lessons learned.