SYSNAV is FRST Challenge Phase 3 Prize Winner !

SYSNAV will take part to the APS show in Paris next September, the French exhibition for security and safety professionals

SYSNAV provides the comprehensive intelligent system to automate radar-vehicles of the French Ministry of Interior
The French Ministry of Interior has taken up a major technological challenge by deciding to automate some of its radar-vehicles dedicated to speed control. SYSNAV is proud to have been chosen to provide the comprehensive intelligent system of this leading-edge solution.
“SYSNAV is launching a new medical sensor for clinical activity measurement”
SYSNAV has developed a sensor to assess the loss of mobility that often appears with neurodegenerative diseases. This sensor measures the exact trajectory of the patient's limbs using on-board magnetic and inertial sensors.
SYSNAV winner of the worldwide scientific innovation contest ‘Hello Tomorrow’ !
One of the biggest contests of scientific innovation in the world, 'Hello Tomorrow', just awarded SYSNAV in the category Transportation & Mobility, for its magneto-inertial indoor location technology. Based on motion capture, this next-gen technology is operating without the need for any external infrastructure (such as radio cell, or GPS signal).
SYSNAV team wins the ‘CentraleSupelec’ multisport and orientering Adventure Race !
After 5 days of a physically demanding adventure race, SYSNAV team has headed its way to the victory over the last mountains efforts !
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