In a context where the traffic is going to double over the next 20 years, the main European airports are looking in the short term for new technological solutions to optimize airport throughput, and to strengthen their safety, in particular through the implementation of anti-collision systems.


Today, vehicle positioning in airports is not 100% reliable due to common GPS issues such as multi-trajectories. Faulty GPS positioning triggers false incursion or collision alerts, creating additional burden on the controllers and operators involved.


Within this context of modernizing airport infrastructures, SYSNAV provides increased security for airport ground vehicles through more reliable positioning even in GPS-deprived areas.





SYSNAV’s anti-collision solution is unaffected by interference problems or GPS-blind areas. Multi-trajectories, inaccuracy or unavailability near buildings and airplanes are no longer a problem. False incursion alerts are greatly reduced.


It substantially improves safety standards on the ground by optimizing the supervision of critical areas. It also brings strong added value to the logistics visualization platform, especially for taxiing.


The solution locates ground vehicles in real time on airport surfaces and transmits their identification and positioning to control towers via the ADS-B network. By allowing accurate tracking of vehicle movements in all situations, it enables compliance with A-SMGCS (advanced-surface movement guidance and control system).


This increases the autonomy of the operator on the ground, and it reduces the workload of the controller by improving situational awareness. This  helps ensure a higher rate of aircraft rotation and a reduction in collision risks.


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Winner of ADP group’s RFP, SYSNAV designed a tailored solution called AQUARIUS, which complies with regulations, continuously communicates precise condition and positioning information of ground vehicles. SYSNAV’s magneto-inertial navigation module “Blue Force” is used in combination with the GPS signal to calculate the position and trajectories of ground vehicles with high accuracy. In order to help manage air and ground traffic, this information is transmitted to the control tower via the ADS-B network. In addition, an on-board tablet display is available in the vehicle, with real-time geolocation on the map, vehicle status, unauthorized areas, etc. Having such high-quality surveillance data allows ground vehicles to circulate on airport grounds without needing an authorization from the control tower. Compliant with EASA regulations, SYSNAV is equipping over 450 vehicles in the Paris airports.