SYSNAV’s management combines the best of technical skills, project skills, commercial skills, as well as management and administration skills.




In its technical division, SYSNAV brings together and trains the best French navigation experts to overcome the current technological limitations of GPS and bring about the emergence of a new generation of navigation and geolocation technology. SYSNAV’s reputation is primarily built on the unique scientific expertise of its teams, from the very best French schools. SYSNAV profiles are part of a common mindset since the creation of the company, focused on innovation, scientific excellence, team spirit, rigor, creativity and the desire to find solutions to complex problems and bring about projects unsolved by others. Scientific curiosity and a taste for challenge are undeniably the DNA of SYSNAV.


SYSNAV was indeed created with the scientific ambition to go beyond GPS, with next-generation technology. Today, our engineers remain focused on the notion of industrial progress, and the response to the needs expressed by manufacturers, our customers and partners.


Excellence, passion, commitment, rigor, team spirit, ethics, and autonomy are all values ​​shared by SYSNAV employees. We pay great attention to our recruitment.