Track vehicles and dismounted soldiers in a GPS-denied environment



The ability to accurately geolocate military vehicles and blue forces in real-time is key to enhancing situational awareness and manoeuvrability. It allows higher quality command decisions which increase operational advantage. However, GPS technology has proven to be vulnerable or even inoperative, especially in hostile conditions and/or in urban warzone conditions.


Military operations require the capacity to locate and track by not relying only on GPS.




SYSNAV contributes to a number of DGA’s military programs which are subject to different classification levels. In these programs, SYSNAV develops positioning and navigation solutions for vehicle platforms and dismounted soldiers that perform in GPS-denied situations.


Sysnav’s BlueForce Tracking for dismounted soldiers

SYSNAV is developing, in partnership with key defense industry players, a BlueForce tracking solution allowing to track and trace dismounted soldiers  in 3D in realtime, in GPS-denied conditions such as indoors (building, tunnel) and outdoors (urban canyons, GPS jamming, GPS spoofing, …), with a precision <1% of total linear walked distance. Developing solutions to geolocate soldiers and first responders is a core focus for SYSNAV.


Sysnav’s BlueForce Tracking for military vehicles

Conventional inertial measurement units (IMUs), which are today the only alternative to GPS, remain too expensive to be deployed across large fleets of military vehicles. SYSNAV is revolutionizing navigation in the defense sector with its new-generation magneto-inertial solution, also independent from GPS. It is quick and easy to install as a line fit option or as a retrofit. SYSNAV’s technology delivers military-grade inertial performance at a previously unattainable price point.
















Organized between 2018 and 2020 by the DGA (French DOD) and the ANR (National Research Agency), the “MALIN” Challenge was about indoor localization technologies in a non-collaborative environment.


SYSNAV, in collaboration with INRIA (Data Shape team), was one of 6 consortia selected to present technologies during three test sessions carried out one year apart in a training center for firefighters. During the first edition in 2018, SYSNAV presented a prototype WATA module with real time positioning. In 2019, for the second series of tests, SYSNAV showcased the TMI-REDY module wityh even higher performance. SYSNAV met the challenge by delivering less than 2m of error throughout the entire 30-minute trajectory.