The introduction of GPS in the commercial world in the early 2000s profoundly changed the habits of the industrial world. Location information has become key for many industries. However, current positioning tools based on GPS or radio frequency often present increasingly critical vulnerabilities:


  • Lack of signal availability in a covered or obstructed area
  • System inaccuracy or loss of precision
  • Interferences
  • Establishment of a heavy infrastructure




As a European leader in geolocation and motion capture without infrastructure, SYSNAV offers new generation positioning solutions. For the first time, they provide a global solution to these challenges in many sectors and are revolutionizing industrial processes.


SYSNAV has developed, with leading manufacturers in the transport and nuclear fields, a unique 3D personnel positioning measurement module called “PLD” (for Personal Location Device).


This device allows multiple application scenarios:

  • Optimizing operational processes
  • Efficiently locate points of interest
  • Guarantee reliable and compliant travel on an industrial site
  • Guarantee the security and location of vulnerable agents
  • Guarantee rapid on-site intervention in the event of an incident


Depending on the case, SYSNAV also offers tailor-made adaptations, and is already working on the applications of tomorrow …


To discover the features of our solution:






Protection of personnel in nuclear power plants

SYSNAV provides an accurate real-time positioning solution for the protection of isolated workers during power station operations. The solution contributes to detailed dosimetry mapping with the aim of recording the worker’s trajectory to measure radiation exposure and adapt the trajectory to limit this exposure. The solution also makes it possible to speed up topographic measurements for map updates when the nuclear power plant is shut down for maintenance with a strong time constraint.


3D geolocation of operators in factories

SYSNAV’s personnel positioning solutions are also used in factories to record and analyse moving habits of operators, and then optimize movements from station to station, in order to streamline workflows and improve operational efficiency.