Radio Europe 1 : The greatest French inventions : « GPS-free geopositioning, by Sysnav »

Every morning on radio Europe 1, Anicet Mbida unveils the recent and greatest inventions. Regarding geopositioning, the young French company Sysnav has made a revolutionary step forward, as its technology can do without GPS nor any infrastructure !

Some innovations really change the situation. As such, the future of geolocation seems to be underway at Sysnav, in France near Paris, right next to Giverny in Normandy region.
Imagine an application that guides you through the corridors of the underground, in the airports, that takes you directly to your favorite store in a huge shopping center. This is what allows Sysnav technology running without GPS nor any infrastructure.

With GPS, none of these applications is possible. As soon as one enters the tunnel, a building or a forest, satellite signal gets blocked. This technology takes over to continue locating you with an unprecedented accuracy.

How does this work ? Sysnav uses the local magnetic field variations for detecting displacements and calculate a 3D velocity. It combines this groundbreaking magnetic technology to some inertial units on the same principle that the one guiding missiles or locate submarines.

An innovation that took 6 to 7 years to get on the market, with more than 12 patents.
Sysnav just been rewarded for it among the three French innovations by European Business Awards.