SYSNAV winner of the worldwide scientific innovation contest ‘Hello Tomorrow’ !

One of the biggest contests of scientific innovation in the world, ‘Hello Tomorrow’, just nominated SYSNAV in the track Transportation & Mobility, for its revolutionary indoor location technology without GPS, based on motion capture.
You make a step forward, aside, you move your head, your arm … SYSNAV “capture” your motion “and” computes “your mobility. SYSNAV is even accurate enough to compute your trajectory. With the first-stage development of its magneto-inertial technology for indoor location and navigation without infrastructure, SYSNAV is successfully bridging a challenging gap, rewarded by Hello Tomorrow’ at an international level.
On the 13th and 14th of October is taking place in Paris the great final to award the winners in 10 future sectors. A glimpse into the future, crowning startups and promising SMEs technology from over 3000 candidates SMEs around the globe.

In the Transportation & Mobility track : SYSNAV is the only French awarded, together with 2 American companies, 1 Indian, 1 Italian and 1 Dutch.

* The ‘Hello Tomorrow’ initiative is directly supported by renowned institutions such as the NASA, Google [x] and Deepmind, IBM, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Bloomberg media, and some innovative French companies such as Michelin, Aéroports de Paris, Safran, and pharmaceutical labs such as Roche and Sanofi.