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Innovation Review : « Autonomous vehicle, towards new alliances… and inertial implementation ». Focus on the ongoing developments at the Sysnav Lab.
Partnership between Valeo and Safran on inertial systems. The autonomous vehicle yields to new entrepreneurial dynamics. Some disruptive R&D developments are also underway to bring this technology to more markets and for light applications, for instance at the Sysnav Lab. This promising French startup is implementing an innovative 'magneto-inertial technology merging inertial data from affordable inertials sensors (MEMS) and magnetometers."
Sysnav on French TV, channel 2 : focus on geopositioning without GPS and the first medical applications
Every morning on French TV - channel 2, the "New" TV show sheds light on new technologies that may greatly change some usages in a near future. Focus on Sysnav technology, and its GPS-free navigation and geolocation technology, and on its first high value medical applications for clinical diagnostics .
New law on intelligence gathering : no doubt France should find on its soil some innovative spying technologies to implement it…
The Law on the Intelligence passed by the National Assembly authorizes the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve to deploy technologies to monitor large-scale data on networks . No doubt he found in France all the equipment necessary for the implementation of this text. Sysnav belongs to theses innovative companies .
French Tech : Sysnav is one the 30 (really) hidden gold nuggets of connected objects
The connected objects are booming ... and France pulls out of the game in this emerging sector . But what do they hide behind their clean design ? Embedded software and systems that make them work . The Newsweek Digital Factory ('L'Usine Nouvelle') has chosen to shine the spotlight on the 30 most promising French nuggets.
Sysnav is revolutionizing geolocation
With its GPS-free groundbreaking technology, the French Sysnav SME was among the winners of the prestigious MIT Technology Review . Sysnav CEO David Vissière reveals his ambitions.
The French TV has tested the Sysnav GPS-free navigation system, and looks into the future applications for the Defence sector
The French TV has tested the Sysnav real-time vehicle prototype, and looked into the future applications for the Defence sector On the occasion of the Eurosatory Defence show , the French TV (channel 3)has dedicated one of its television coverage to Sysnav . The French TV has tested the real-time vehicle prototype, and look into the future applications for the Defence sector ...
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