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This passionate young French will revolutionize our GPS
Sysnav has developed a technology that makes our positioning systems working everywhere... Between the high-performance - but very expensive - technologies used for some advanced military applications, and those reserved for the general public, much cheaper but with many imperfections, there is a gap that no one was in position to fill ...
Even where GPS does not pass, the Sysnav Positioning System can guide the user
On April 9, 2014, 10 innovators under the most talented 35-year of 2013 went on stage. In 2010, the French Newsweek 'L'Usine Nouvelle' ('The new Factory') had already spotted one of them , David Vissière . He won the special jury prize for " Engineers of the Year " . Graduated from the French leading engineering school Ecole Polytechnique, aged 34 years , fascinated by mathematics - and gifted, founded Sysnav in 2009. The company manufactures and markets positioning systems without GPS, that can detect the movement of an object or a person without using the satellites.
Sysnav, Top Gun of Innovation
Starting as a fighter pilot , he became an entrepreneur . And it may have been the right choice: Sysnav technology has been awarded by the MIT Technology as one of the ten most innovative and promising technologies.
Sysnav starts when GPS stops…
Sysnav was founded in 2008 on a revolutionary idea : locating an individual or an object independently of any infrastructure , whether satellite (GPS, Galileo) or radio (Wi-Fi , GSM ... ) , and at a reasonable cost . Operating both outdoors and indoors , Sysnav technology is more and more interesting the army willing not to be dependent on the GPS anylonger.
Sysnav on the French Economic radio

Sysnav technology lives where GPS dies
Geolocate an individual without using satellite or radio infrastructure. This is what provides Sysnav with its location technology based on the use of magnetic field variations . Thus , it provides solutions to the shortcomings of GPS system.
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