SYSNAV has developed a new generation of navigation and geolocation technology with no need for GPS or specific infrastructural, which works anytime and anywhere, including indoor environments. The excellence of SYSNAV’s technology was highly recognized through the prestigious 2014 Innovation Award from the MIT Technology Review. It had previously received numerous awards, including the Innovation Award from the French DOD (DGA).


Magneto-Inertial Technology: Based on a unique approach which merges inertial data and terrestrial magnetic data, SYSNAV innovations, backed with 20 patents, has crystalized in a new generation “magneto-inertial” technology which enables precise positioning, orientation, navigation, and motion capture. This technology is revolutionary in terms of the added value it can bring to many industries to meet growing positioning needs.


SYSNAV’s approach combines inertial sensor calibration and trajectory calculation algorithms from the military world, the integration of variations in the geomagnetic field to determine speed and deviation with greater accuracy, and the use of sensors with greater precision and a lower cost as a source of inertial positioning. This method allows geolocation with various levels of accuracy depending on the needs:

  • with GPS: centimeter accuracy
  • without GPS: ~ 1% of distance traveled
  • without GPS, with Map Matching: ~ 30 cm accuracy


Operating anywhere, even without GPS and without infrastructure, SYSNAV’s technology is ultra-available, ultra-accurate and ultra-reliable. It is available to a large variety of industries, where it often brings strategic added value. In many sectors, SYSNAV’s technology is already an essential complement to GPS solutions.