The medical world has a reputation for innovation but under conditions of extreme quality in a highly regulated market. In the field of efficiency measurement or to assess medical acts, significant improvements are necessary and expected by all stakeholders, from public or private sector.


A precise and reliable trajectory measurement has become a major stake, which is transversal for healthcare. Magneto-Inertial technology designed by Sysnav is a rupture that provide a solution to all those needs that has no equivalent.


For each patient, and each pathology, it is highly important to be able to precisely measure patient evolution in order to diagnose, cure and then check healing of a patient.


Clinical trials that allow to introduce on the market a new medicine takes part of this need. In 2019, Sysnav became the first worldwide actor to develop an endpoint that is recognized as representative of the quality of life of the patient by a regulatory agency (EMA – European Medical Agency), and can then be used in clinical studies (see Actimyo).


For each significant surgery, it is crucial to ensure the control of the operations as planned, and to follow up the patient evolution. Surgical navigation has become one of the most significant example of this principle, for knee or spinal surgery. Sysnav is able to measure the position of the surgeon tools with a precision of 1/10° and 1/3 mm and is one of the technology providers of this field of activity.