Meeting the new safety standards for ground vehicles management

With air traffic expected to double within the next twenty years, some of the main European airports are now seeking new technological solutions to optimize management of airport areas, and strengthen their security measures.


In this context of airport modernization, Sysnav has been working on enhancing the management of ground vehicles by improving the quality of information relating to positioning as well as security.
Indeed, a technological renewal is required to meet the new reinforced safety standards.


The Sysnav system aims at providing an unmatched continuous, reliable and accurate data to the control center, at an unprecedented cost. This information is 100% available, robust and unaffected by the issues and weaknesses of existing solutions (such as interferences, inaccuracy of data, etc.)
In particular, it delivers a new capability for the oversight of critical and sheltered areas and key features for anti- collision.
It further brings a strong added value towards fleet management on the ground.


While providing a solution to improve overall performance, Sysnav technology also leads to significant decrease in capital expenditures for the airport control center.


Sysnav navigation and geolocation without GPS