HIGH-Precision MOTION CAPTURE FOR medical care And surgical navigation

The medical world has a reputation for innovation. Thus, expected progress in the area of motion capture is substantial and well-awaited by many actors and institutes.


Sysnav technology can now deliver an unprecedented performance in this field for various applications, including motion capture, other medical measurables (actimetrics) as well as surgical navigation. This allows major institutes to faithfully validate clinical trials with an unmatched high-precision.


Other solutions are currently under consideration or work in progress with the Sysnav Lab. Please contact us directly for additional information.

Sysnav - Medical
SYSNAV Actimyo
When it comes to validate clinical trials, every detail counts. That is why Sysnav has developed SYSNAV Actimyo: to provide medical institutes and hospitals with an unmatched actimetrics solution delivering high-precision motion capture measurements as well as key information towards clinical monitoring.
SYSNAV Actimvo provides a major innovative capability in this field that is to detect the most micro-movements in the body and transcribe them accurately. SYSNAV Actimyo is already used by reputed medical institutes in France and abroad.
Sysnav - Medical
SYSNAV Surgical
SYSNAV Surgical is a surgical navigation tool to support in-depth diagnosis for a knee prosthesis. It allows to significantly enhance the precision of the surgical operation.