Auto22 March 2017
SYSNAV provides the comprehensive intelligent system to automate radar-vehicles of the French Ministry of Interior
The French Ministry of Interior has taken up a major technological challenge by deciding to automate some of its radar-vehicles dedicated to speed control. SYSNAV is proud to have been chosen to provide the comprehensive intelligent system of this leading-edge solution.
L'Usine Nouvelle_SYSNAV_Motion Capture_Activity Measurement_GPS22 January 2017
“SYSNAV is launching a new medical sensor for clinical activity measurement”
SYSNAV has developed a sensor to assess the loss of mobility that often appears with neurodegenerative diseases. This sensor measures the exact trajectory of the patient's limbs using on-board magnetic and inertial sensors.
SYSNAV Lauréat Hello Tomorrow Geolocation without GPS, Indoor Navigation12 October 2016
SYSNAV winner of the worldwide scientific innovation contest ‘Hello Tomorrow’ !
One of the biggest contests of scientific innovation in the world, 'Hello Tomorrow', just awarded SYSNAV in the category Transportation & Mobility, for its magneto-inertial indoor location technology. Based on motion capture, this next-gen technology is operating without the need for any external infrastructure (such as radio cell, or GPS signal).
Raid CS12 May 2016
SYSNAV team wins the ‘CentraleSupelec’ multisport and orientering Adventure Race !
After 5 days of a physically demanding adventure race, SYSNAV team has headed its way to the victory over the last mountains efforts !
Sysnav Certified by the Loyd, 20157 February 2016
SYSNAV gets the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications for all its activities
The development of SYSNAV OEM activities for its industrial clients (security, defense, aeronautics, medical, railway, etc) has been growing rapidly for the last two years. This sustained growth along with its close partners have urged SYSNAV into enhancing its quality approach in 2015 by engaging in a certification process. SYSNAV is already proud to announce that it has been qualified and certified ISO9001 and ISO13485.
Sysnav15 December 2015
Sysnav in Forces Operations webzine : “And Sysnav invented the next-gen positioning technology”
Who has never dreamed of shaking off our reliance on GPS? Slow, easy to jam, confused by mountains and other obstacles, the GPS has revealed its limitations over the past few years. It was to find an answer to these limitations that researchers at Sysnav, a French SME baded in Normandy region near Paris , have worked for more than 7 years now on the design of a disruptive " magneto- inertial " technology able to take over when GPS is down, jammed or unavailable.
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