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Sysnav is an innovative and growing SME. We are always looking for new talents, because the key to our growth is our engineers.

As geolocation information has become key for many industries, it is also Sysnav engineers are not there by chance.. They are engineers from leading schools and universities, and are especially:

  • Engineers graduated from the best leading school.
  • Passionate people, because passion is in our DNA.
  • Autonomous and proactive talents, because you will quickly endorse responsibilities.
  • Curious because we are pioneers and strive for innovation
  • Conscientious and professional because we do not achieve great things without focus, perseverance and discipline.

Sysnav is a reknowned SME and a standard of excellence in the field of GPS-free navigation and geolocation without infrastructure. Sysnav has so far succeeded to get on board the best French experts in the field of navigation to come together to collaborate and develop a new generation of geolocation technology. Last year, the Sysnav “magneto-inertial” technology was awarded the prestigious TR35 Innovation Award of the MIT Technology Review (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).


5 key reasons to join the team


Ambition & Passion

Sysnav is a growing startup with a team of ambitious and passionate individuals. Passionate about science, innovation and progress. Passionate about developing new technology and creating a positive impact on industry and society

Taste for Innovation

Sysnav brings about major innovation, with ground-breaking technology for navigation, geopositioning and motion capture without the use of GPS. Sysnav is a standard of excellence in this area. Its solutions are now awaited by many players on the market . Although innovation takes time, we are driven by our willingness and ability to advance technology and change the way it is used to benefit various key sectors.

Responsibilities & Impact

Sysnav is an innovative company small enough for you to create a direct impact on projects you work on, and we will enable you to quickly take on responsibilities according to your profile.


Sysnav is a school of excellence. Our teams bring together recognized experts in the following fields : navigation, positioning, motion capture, magnetic interpretations, inertial systems, embedded intelligence, etc. With graduates from leading French engineering schools, PhDs, former experts of the navigation department of the French Ministry of Defence, at Sysnav you will be taught by the best and will develop a unique expertise.

Attractive Package

Sysnav offers attractive packages along with ambitious and exciting development prospects according to your liking. At Sysnav, we know and are aware that personal fulfillment is the key to success.


Create meaning, share strong values


Sysnav’s prestigious reputation stems from the unique scientific expertise of its teams. Sysnav solutions and engineering advisory are part of a shared ambition for excellence at Sysnav and also expected by our partners.

Sysnav team members have had a shared vision and values since the establishment of the company. Innovation, scientific excellence, teamwork, discipline and modesty, creativity and the desire to find solutions to complex and unresolved equations are at the core of Sysnav’s foundation.


Addressing challenges are in the company’s DNA : Sysnav engineers have the taste for challenges, whether scientific or even athletic.

– Sysnav Adventure Race team has won several competitions. Sysnav team won the 2015 famous multi-sports Adventure Race “Raid Centrale” (winning at several stages of the competition) ahead of nearly 50 teams, and also won the major 2014 Night Adventure Orientering race of Paris.

– Several Sysnav engineers and interns have won prestigious awards for their work: best thesis award by the French Institutes of Technology (ParisTech) network; best internship awards by leading French Institutes of Technology.


Sysnav engineers and doctors are passionate about science, and they have built a standard of excellence in what they do.

Excellence, passion and commitment, discipline, teamwork, ethics, autonomy are shared values ​​by Sysnav employees. We pay a key attention to recruitment.