Conflict zones are becoming increasingly challenging for navigation and Blue Force tracking solutions. GPS technology, powered by a network of satellites, turns out to be increasingly vulnerable and ineffective, especially in hostile conditions. Heavy inertial systems are the usual alternative to GPS, but remain too expensive to be loaded on fleets of light and armored vehicles.


Sysnav magneto-inertial technology introduces a major breakthrough in military navigation. Sysnav technology enables to equip all vehicles with an unmatched, stand-alone and affordable system to navigate through “GPS-denied” areas.


Sysnav has revolutionized navigation for the Defense sector with a magneto- inertial solution, 100% autonomous, with a quick installation both on new vehicles or as a retrofit, plug & play, which ensures continuity of information in all circumstances. Sysnav technology has managed to overcome the limitations of GPS, providing a steady high-end performance at an affordable cost which had been out-of-reach until now. Resistant to the most hostile environments, this Sysnav solution has been specifically designed to offer countless possibilities to equip armored, logistic, light and heavy military vehicles. Developed as a ” plug & play “, this solution easily integrates into the existing navigation system of a vehicle, and allows to equip both new vehicles and to upgrade a fleet already in service.

Sysnav - Défense
SYSNAV Blue Force
SYSNAV Blue Force is the first navigation solution to deliver high performance beyond the GPS technology at an affordable cost.
Embedded with advanced magneto- inertial technology, SYSNAV Blue Force allows for the first time to equip a whole fleet of heavy and light vehicles in order to avoid interferences, ensure a continuous flow of information in sheltered areas, avoid " GPS spoofing“ and jamming, and maintain functionality in difficult environmental conditions. Please contact us :
Sysnav - Défense
SYSNAV Magnetic Odometer
SYSNAV Magnetic Odometer displays the vehicle speed information without GPS signal nor any other infrastructure.
Based on Sysnav technology, this revolutionary solution allows us to quickly equip new vehicles or retrofit old vehicles at an unmatched , affordable cost. Please contact us :