Sysnav lab: an R&D and engineering center of excellence for the most complexe navigation and motion issues, and bespoke solutions development

Drawing on 6 to 30 years of inertial navigation within the French Mines ParisTech Laboratory and the department of navigation and balistics of the French MoD, graduated from the top French leading engineering school (Ecole Polytechnique, Ecole des Mines ParisTech, Centrale Paris, ENSTA, SUPELEC, SupAero, etc) anf often holding a PhD in the field, Sysnav Lab teams have an extended cutting-edge expertise in navigation, both for civilian and defence applications.


Sysnav Lab has a particularly advanced expertise on:
– the mathematical error models of sensors,
– calibration algorithms,
– methods of assessment
– and its heart business, processing algorithms and data fusion for navigation.


Sysnav Lab teams are requested on innovative and complex navigation challenges, alternative geolocation and positioning, motion capture, attitude or objects designation, guidance, processing and data fusion, sensors calibration and evaluation.


Open minded, used to complex and strategic issues, our teams have an advanced sense of customer service, project completion and respect for confidentiality. Trust is the basis of all our collaborations.




Indoor highly-accurate navigation and guidance unit for general public mini-drones.

GPS-free Sysnav technology-based tracking approach for critical environments.

Development of new navigation units development and design of the accelerometric chain.

Design and development of high grade measurement tools of angular and linear micro-movements based on inertial MEMS sensors, applied to highly vribratory environments.