SYSNAV Lab : a unique team of french high-level experts

Sysnav was born from an ambitious technological pursuit: to gather and train the best French experts in navigation in order to overcome the current limitations of the GPS for navigation and geopositioning applications. Innovation is at the heart of Sysnav. Sysnav Lab team and engineers have received numerous prestigious awards in France and abroad.


Sysnav Lab :

  • Advises customers on cutting-edge technological issues,
  • Develops and designs Sysnav technology for customized solutions for various industries,
  • Anticipates and designs the systems and applications of tomorrow, such as indoor navigation without GPS, advanced motion capture, increased reality, connected objects, etc.
  • Provides updated intelligence, through continuous monitoring of the latest technological developments in close collaboration with the best experts and French research centers in the field of navigation


As part of its activities, the Sysnav Lab draws on partnerships with leading and reputed research centers such as the Mines ParisTech, Ecole Polytechnique, CEA French Research Center for Atomic Energy, CNES French Space Research Agency, etc.

Awards received by Sysnav and Sysnav Lab engineers:

  • Award of the best PhD thesis, ParisTech schools (2009)
  • Award of the most Innovative young entreprise from the French Ministry of Research (more than 1000 applicants)
  • Special Award of the Engineer of the Year by the French weekly L’Usine Nouvelle (2010)
  • Innovation Award from the US MIT Technology Review (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) (2014)
  • Award of the best Internship at the leading French Institute of Technology – Polytechnique (received three times)