Navigation, geopositioning and highly precise motion capture for critical AND extreme environments

Originated from Defense R&D, Sysnav is a French high-growth SME that designs and develops groundbreaking solutions for navigation, geopositioning, and highly precise motion capture. Sysnav solutions operate in covert and extreme environments without GPS nor any infrastructure.


Sysnav solutions are based on its leading magneto-inertial technology as an alternative or complementary to the GPS. This GPS-free new generation technology for navigation and positioning has been widely recognized and awarded both in France and abroad.


Sysnav markets-oriented solutions are providing a key added value for all industries and applications operating indoors or in critical environments beyond the reach of GPS and for which the localization information is crucial. Amongst our business applications are the following industries : defense, aeronautics, space, security, medical, ports, airports, railway management, construction and mining.


Sysnav solutions bring a simple and robust answer to the following pitfalls of the GPS and GNSS technology :

  • Signal downgrading
  • Loss of signal and location information
  • Sensitiveness to radio interferences and jamming
  • Inaccuracy – or unreliability
  • Unavailability in covert, sheltered areas
  • Implementation of dedicated (radio) infrastructure

The Sysnav Lab also offers advisory and engineering solutions for advanced navigation issues drawing on its expertise in accelerometer chains, magnetic interpretation algorithms, data fusion and sensor evaluation, and project coordination.


SYSNAV values

Sysnav’s excellent reputation firstly hinges on the unique scientific expertise of its teams – graduates from leading engineering schools in France and many having further topped their careers with a PhD degree. Scientific excellence is an ambition we share with our clients and partners.


Since the very start of the company, Sysnav has focused on innovation, scientific excellence, teamwork, discipline, creativity and the desire to find solutions to complex equations and to advance on unresolved projects where others have not succeeded yet. Scientific curiosity and the taste for strategic challenges are undeniably part of Sysnav’s DNA.


Sysnav was created by the gathering of French main experts in navigation, driven by the major scientific challenge to develop innovative and ground-breaking navigation technology. It has taken years to achieve these high-level standards, with first proofs of concepts. It is now time to bring this technology to new markets and applications.