Recruitment process

Profiles we are looking for

As a young innovative SME at a developing stage, we need talented individuals who are intellectually flexible and keen to evolve rapidly, adapt to new environments and grow with us over time. We expect our candidates to be able to work autonomously and to have reasoning capabilities, organizational skills and a high sense of work ethics. We invite all interested candidates to send us their applications.


The objective of the recruitment process is simply to validate your motivation and that you can indeed meet Sysnav standards and enjoy your time and development with us. We will carefully examine your candidacy, your profile and your technical ability for the position you apply for. Our Lab is a recognized center of expertise in the field of navigation, geopositioning, movement capture, inertial and magnetic knowledge, and has built a reputation for excellence.

At Sysnav, you will get to learn as nowhere else in these areas as you will enjoy an extremely intellectually stimulating environment along with a dynamic work culture.

Process and decision making

Our process is quite simple and fast, it usually includes:

  • Assessment of your technical capabilities in accordance with the targeted position,
  • A general and technical interview at Sysnav office,
  • After checking a few additional things, we will then return back to you with the results and to debrief.

About those that are hiring you…

Those leading the recruitment process are present Sysnav employees who have themselves gone through these recruitment tests. By encouraging young Sysnav engineers to get involved in the recruitment of their future team players, we aim to make our staff to feel engaged and at ease with the culture at our workplace. This also ensures the constancy and integrity of the recruitment process and even improves it over time. We have spent time designing this process to keep this frame of mind from our very creation while improving it gradually.