First digital endpoint released by EMA (European Medicine Agency) for clinical studies (Actimyo)

For the last 50 years, tens of billions dollars have been invested to bring drugs from lab to patients, to develop the most innovative drugs & gene therapies in the hope to help patients. But one thing did not change: the way we judge the efficacy of drugs, by variables called « endpoints ».


For the existing variables, we still measure the time for patients to climb 4 stairs or the distance covered by patients when asked to walk during 6 minutes around two cones in a corridor of a hospital, to conclude on the efficacy of treatments.


The gap between the lack of good endpoint to judge the efficacy of the drugs in clinical trials and the amount of innovation that goes into therapies is what ActiMyo has bridged for the first time in2019  when the EMA Qualified SV95C for ambulant patients in DMD first.


Developed over 10 years by patient associations, physicians, scientists and engineers, ActiMyo is a CE marked medical device which measures evolution of patients diseases in their real environment: at home, during school, when they play outside or sit inside.


Based on this device and a set of complex algorithms, ActiMyo extract clinical variables which characterized patient motor function in 3D far more precisely and reliably than ever before and in their real world environment.