Enhance positioning standards to boost port attractiveness

A port’s attractiveness is highly related to its containers’ traffic management.
There are different ways to optimize a port’s activity, from logistics to multi-modal platforms and communication systems. But all of these are dependant on a key criteria: the accuracy and continuity of the port’s positioning data of vehicles, material and containers.


With an rising volume of containers transported through port areas, limitations and vulnerabilities of current GPS or GNSS solutions are becoming increasingly problematic. Even a two percent error is enough to, in time, significantly slow down the overall port activity.


Therefore Sysnav has developed SYSNAV PORTS Augmented Positioning, an advanced GPS-free solution to increase the availability of the positioning information in port areas. SYSNAV Ports Augmented Positioning sends reliable and accurate data towards the monitoring center. The information becomes 100% available, without any infrastructure implementation, and robust to the issues encountered by current technologies.


Designed to be plug & play on gears and straddle carriers, SYSNAV PORTS Augmented Positioning can be plugged without any modification of the existing logistical architecture.


SYSNAV PORTS Augmented Positioning is affordable and suited for all types of ports, regardless of their level of modernization and automation, by integrating a simple box in addition to – or instead of – the existing solutions. This Sysnav solution offers new competitive advantages such as:

  • Continuity of information for localization in case of GPS signal loss,
  • Immunity to “multipath signal” transmission effects and interference,
  • Signal Integrity – substitution of inaccurate GPS information,
  • An easy add-on procedure to integrate the solution to all types of existing systems (GPS, RTK GNSS, etc.).