Groundbreaking GPS-FREE solutions to upgrade navigation, positioning information and safety for mining activities


Construction and mining sites are extreme and challenging environments for navigation and positioning. However, the positioning data is a critical and essential input to optimize production and management, as well as to ensure the safety of operators and vehicles.


The standard solutions based on GPS or GNSS technology are often too limited or too expensive to ensure optimal management due to :
Loss or degradation of network signal
“multipath signal ” transmission
lack of information availability and reliability, etc.


Infrastructure-based solutions are burdensome, excessively expensive, and their implementation on mining sites remains strenuous due to the operating conditions. Furthermore, these infrastructure-based solutions do not allow to overcome the shortcomings related to GPS technology.


Sysnav navigation and geolocation without GPS


Embedded with magneto-inertial technology and leveraging on R&D for military vehicles, Sysnav solutions sets new standards for navigation and positioning for mining sites as Sysnav solutions:

  • Function both on-ground as well as underground,
  • Operate without any infrastructure,
  • Are directly plug & play, to replace, complete or easily upgrade existing solutions,
  • Ensure continuous and accurate data in all circumstances,
  • Are robust in critical and challenging environments, specifically in vibrational and thermal conditions.