CONTINOUS RELIABLE LOCALIZATION and navigation data to ENHANCE business and SAfety

The introduction of GPS technology in civilian applications since the early 2000s has profoundly changed the trends of the industrial world. Localization information has become key to many sectors. Yet, current positioning systems based on GPS or radio frequency are facing increasingly critical challenges:

  • Signal unavailability in obstructed or sheltered areas,
  • Lack or loss of precision,
  • Interferences,
  • Installations of heavy infrastructure.

As the European leader of navigation, localization and motion capture technology without infrastructure, Sysnav offers next-generation solutions which provide a unique response to the GPS limitations and challenges in many areas : port logistics, railway management, airports, robotics and automation, construction, mining and drilling, motion capture, surgical navigation, items designation, etc. These plug&play solutions are revolutionizing the industrial geolocation and navigation with the use of Sysnav magneto- inertial technology.


Today, Sysnav plug&play solutions offer the unique technological alternative to the GPS, without the use of any infrastructure, at all times and with accuracy, even in the case of an extended loss of GPS signal.


The Sysnav Lab teams also work on developing tailor-made and collaborative solutions/add-ons, and on designing the smart systems of tomorrow.