Cutting-edge SOLUTIONS FOR governments

While technology has made big strides over the past 50 years, it also spreads faster than before. Everyone can have quick access to advanced technologies. This technological dispersion forces states to systematically be innovative to remain ahead of their adversaries, both those within the domestic territory and in foreign conflict zones.


As for navigation and positioning issues, GPS technology is already overrun and surpassed in many situations, including for light applications. While GPS is often necessary, it is also becoming less and less effective as its availability, integrity and accuracy can not be guaranteed.


Sysnav is proud to work closely with Governments and their defence and security agencies for years, offering them unique navigation solutions and technological advisory, with a reputation for upstanding and responsive teams.
Sysnav offers dedicated and cutting-edge plug&play solutions – beyond the GPS technology and usual benchmarks – for navigation, positioning and guidance. Sysnav solutions thus provide a technological edge as they are specifically designed to be functional in critical and hostile environments beyond the reach of GPS, without requiring any infrastructure.


The Sysnav Lab teams also work on developing solutions in a tailored and collaborative approach, on short and long –term projects, and ensuring technological confidentiality.